Sunday, February 16, 2014

Captain's Log... Imagine this...

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...this is the first post of my blog for this year. Yes, it is.

I have been busy and life has been interfering with my hobby time. I have also been teaching myself photoshop... thus the picture above.

Pictured above is a custom Blood Field I am working on for our league. We do a 'bacon' themed tournament in the spring and fall and our next date is April 5th here in Richmond, VA. I plan on doing dugouts as well but the pitch needs some work... like changing the 'crosses' on the field to white in certain areas so they will show better.

My rats are waiting for the next season of our league and in the interim I am going to create my own custom pitch. I'm still working on a logo and the picture before this paragraph is in progress. I'm not sure of the style of lettering but it's coming along.

This last picture is the in-progress of our leagues logo for our custom field. One of our leagues coaches suggested that the 'skull' snout be a lot smaller and I am working on it for the time being. I have done another 'pig' but it was not as popular by the other coaches and another league coordinator from Norfolk, VA who frequents our forum.

Enjoy the pictures and I will blog a little more... seeing as how I have tournament next weekend as well...

I will be in the corner... as usual...



  1. WHat?! How dare you use your hobby time to learn a new skill to improve your...hobby...time. ~sigh~ I like the pizza rat logo, keep it simple and you could freehand it onto minis and whatnot...

  2. I know... really... How dare I learn a new skill!

    Thanks for the comment Zab. I was sure any followers had went the way of the wind. I have posted on other forums and such but much of my time has been spent playing bloodbowl and lego wars with my son.

    At the moment we think Lego Aragorn vs Lego General Cryptor is a pretty good match up... much like Evil Wu vs lego Gandalf...

    I'll be in the corner working on another idea....


  3. Hmmmm bacon hope you've got some good back bacon not those belly scrapings that seem so prevalent in the states