Monday, July 27, 2015

Captain's Log... March...

If I could only have half the fashion sense of these people. 

March Madness is usually associated with basketball. The corner doesn't do basket ball. Nuff said.

I however did get to a tournament for blood bowl.

The Turncoat Series is ongoing over the Hampton Roads area and run by the NAF Tournament director Nate Beem. He has played all the teams in the game, is a great resource for running events, and is an all around nice guy. His wife is a really neat person and we often see her at events as well.

Anyway, there was an event in March and I drove a few other coaches to lay some smack down. Well, as much smack down as rats can lay...

This is NOT my car but I do know who these guys are... yep, I do know them.
 After an eventful arrival by a couple of my fellow league members we got down do business at Nate Beem family's home.

The guy in the back-left is the same guy pushing the car above. Oh ya... that's me front right.

This would be my friend SinSynn if he were a human blood bowl team thrower.
Let us eat cake!
It was a good event and I ended up middle of the pack... typical. I was glad to get out and game with everything else going on and be able to 'rest' mentally if nothing else.

Coming up in April our league held our semi-annual event... Stay tuned to the corner.


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