Thursday, July 9, 2015

Captain's Log... January...

Not necessarily a picture of January or winter related but... gotta love Calvin.


The Motley Crew

Pictured are the competitors at a Blood Bowl Tournament I went to in January. I say 'Motley Crew'. You say 'Motley Crew'? I say there is a scientist, two retired military guys, a minister, a school teacher, a machinist from England, and graphic design head from Capitol One pictured to give you the sense of the background of these men.

Oh... I should mention that this event was held at a craft beer brewery. I didn't drive that event!

I did average and landed middle of the pack with 'Skaven'. It is what it is... however it is a journey not a destination as I will show you over the next few posts.

I have to run but will be back soon... with more comments and pictures!


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