Monday, July 20, 2015

Captain's Log... February...

Let me say that I do not have cancer. Some of you may be elated but for my enemies...

You attempts to 'off me' have yet again failed. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go home and try again! I suggest the Winter Soldier if you even want to get into the corner.

Graphic picture is posted on the next page... and I don't mean Megan Fox either.

My mother who lives in another corner, physically in another corner, of the United States became ill in January and lost about twenty pounds. When you only weigh a hundred pounds that becomes quite a bit of weight. My mom was off to the doctor...

Initially the doctors, several doctors, said that she needed to have a tumor removed from her lower esophagus. The surgery would be after six weeks of chemo and radiation therapy at the same time...

Pretty graphic picture isn't it? In the end the doctors have removed the entire esophagus of my mom and have put in a replacement in a very small woman. The surgery was on July 14th.

Many of you can understand that while I am not a blogger and post little, that this put a lot of my time other places. It was like a second job keeping my mom motivated while the therapy was going on and then making sure all the 'stuff' has been taken care of in case something 'bad' happens.

Anyway... that was February.

I'll be in some corner... plotting a 'dugout' / display tray for my blood bowl teams if you need me.



  1. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. hugs. what an ordeal for all of you. Hope your mom's corner is well healed.

    1. She is hanging in there but still a long way to go.