Sunday, January 4, 2015

Captain's Log... League Day...

Used without permission from these people... LINK
Vacation is closing and a new year has begun...

Take up a seat in the corner and watch out for purses filled with bricks from a woman on the internet!

First lets give you an update about the... Ruin-Nation! Catchy isn't it?

SinSynn 'Two-Tails' the Breeze will be back and his tail is looking pretty good. I'm also going to do some tails on the goblins just for fun since he's 'their' hero or something. Goblins... Whatchagonnado?

It even looks like SinSynn in a Skaven disguise!

My friend and I have talked recently and I might try to model YET another thrower with a second tail holding the ball but that is down the road. I want to get these guys built and on the pitch!

This is just a few of the 'Ruin-Nation'. I've put them on some ancient ruin bases from MicroArt Studios. I am also eager, being such a goof, is that there are leaves sculpted onto the bases but I have gotten some 'leaves' from Secret Weapon Miniatures to put on top of those leaves to give those portions some depth and color.

Speaking of color... I haven't the foggiest of what to paint these guys. Great models, ruin themed pitch, ruin themed bases... I need some colors for them though... I'll just keep building in the corner for now.

I was also busy today with these guys in the corner...

Yes... that's a 40 on the table in front of our League Commissioner!

Two masters at work... or something!

These are six of the eight of us from our local league getting in what we call a league day. Every season now we try to get in one day at someones house to play two or three games, drink a few beers, and enjoy Blood Bowl! I never saw five large pizzas devoured so quickly... must have been the bacon on some of them!

And now...

Match Report - In the Lead!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and all the fans in the stands! We love all two of you!

Throughout the holiday season we've been keeping up with the standings of the other teams and found out everyone was terribly behind in getting their regular season games completed before the playoffs. So it was a reckoning was called... or a League Day... whichever the Commissioner prefers!

With a short season, no preseason, and a re-recruitment of teams, every game within the league for 'Season - X' is critical. So this is how league day went...

Early in the afternoon the 'Ratskins' faced off in a challenge against the Commissioners team called 'The Frenchy Frogs'. Both our teams were pretty evenly matched with the same problem of losing players to injuries early in the season and not quite being able to get ahead and gain some ground.

The 'Slaan' are what we call an 'agility' team. Not as fast as our 'rats' but not as 'klunky' as humans or as armoured as dwarves. They are long legged leaping little devils who try and out maneuver you. It might have worked but the game was back and forth till the middle of the second half. We were leading the game two to one but those leaping polliwogs are hard to nail down... and slimy... like tentacled outer space visitors!

The 'ball' was really back and forth bouncing around on stunned players who couldn't catch the ball and finally by the hair of their chinny chin chins managed to pull off a tie!

One might ask 'What is a challenge match?' It's an extra game within the league where a coach can get in an extra game, against a coach of his choosing, for experience and gold to better your team and help them advance to the playoffs. It is a gamble too since many a player has been killed in an attempt at glory! As a matter of fact I happens quite often against certain teams!

The second game was a regular season game versus goblins of all teams!


Earlier in the day the goblin bombardier was doing what we like to call 'diddly'. He'd toss a bomb and miss entire mobs of players. He'd get thrown out of the game without doing anything. The looney would swing in the wrong direction, the chainsaw would kickback on the gobbo and so on and so forth.

Against the 'Ratskins'... they cam alive. Flakk was killed by a thrown rock on the kickoff and the apothecary couldn't revive him. The bombardier hit the 'money shot' despite bouncing all over the place, the looney swing in the 'right' direction! It was ugly and the yet... we kept coming.

With Flakk (a gutter runner) dead, RG II (lone thrower... but very appropriately out of the game) off the pitch, Farve (gutter runner)  and Ikkett (blitzer) missing the next game, it was up to Spike the lone blitzer, Berry Allen (gutter runner), and Skuttle the 1st to lead the line-rats to victory!

We just wore them down once all the 'weapons' were off the pitch and won the game three to zero! If I (SinSynn 'Three-Arms' the Beast, rat-ogre) it would have been a different story...

Slaan are a very tasty delicacy... a little raw  and bloody... with a little salt rubbed int eh wounds... and the bones are almost non-existent... and...

THE GOBLINS! Goblins are just a dessert!... the pogoer leaves you with a toothpick to clean your teeth, the ball and chain gives you the meat tenderizer, and their is a veritable horde of the little monsters to keep any ogre happy!

Someone hand me knapkin! Wait... wait... What were we talking about?

Uh... anyway...

The phrase of the day is 'rode hard and put away bloody'!

It was worth the effort for the 'Ratskins' to host the 'League Day' at their stadium. Coming into the day we were 2 - 2 - 1 in overall play and ended 4 - 2 - 2 in overall play leading the division we are assigned with one game to go. If we lose the next game the worst is we are tied for first place in the division by record but still being in first place since we 'beat' the tied team in regular play.

We are in great shape for the playoffs and a first round bye! If we could just get some gold in the coffers though... but the next game and the playoffs will help!

I will just leave you on a high note...

till next report,

SinSynn, 'Three-Arms' the Beast, Rat Ogre
Official Washington Ratskins Spokesman

Of course I'll be in the corner...



  1. Funny, just looking at a blood bowl related post I saw in the blogroll at House of Paincakes, and there I see that it is my photo used without permission. Least you linked back.

    Some good looking Rats there. Skaven have always been close to my heart for blood bowl even if I do not play them much as I try to get other teams on the pitch for the first time.

    1. I was searching for a picture of the 'actual' skaven from GW and it was the first one I found.

      If you would like me to take it down I will. I was just trying to use a generic picture.


  2. OhMyGawd- a 4-2-2 record? A first round bye?


    That's wassup! CongRATulations!
    I'm feelin' it, man. I'm feelin' gold this year. Iz gonna happen!

    It's been a long, hard road, brother. Dammit- I've gotta sacrifice something to the Dice Gods to help you keep winning...but what to sacrifice?
    Oh, hey, look...It's one of the stoopid lookin' Chaos Lost and Damned troopies from the boxset. One of the CC guys with some kinda awkward-lookin' weapons and no cool bug-eyed mask...
    Hey, buddy. You busy? No? Wanna become one with Chaos?