Saturday, December 27, 2014

Captain's Log... The Mayhem...

Stolen from the internet

Holidays, work, new miniatures, birthdays, work,  new books, work, tournaments, league games, work... You get the picture.

Yet now, it's a vacation... and I still have a serious problem to sort out. Serious, very serious...

I've gone crazy and bought yet another 'skaven' team of miniatures. They're very dynamic and I love the sculpts. Part of my hobby when getting miniatures is always... 'Can I paint these?' I think I can with this bunch.

I've contributed to this campaign  and have received the 'rats' in the mail. I've also purchased some 'ancient ruins' square bases to put them on along with some 'Secret Weapon Miniatures' scenic leaves. My idea is to have 'rats' scurrying through the leaves.

Along with the 'rats' I have the 'underworld' expansion too! The goblins are a riot!

Now my problem...

Used without permission from paranoidvin at Deviantart.
This is how I imagine my friend Sinsynn when it comes to pictures... he actually looks nothing like this in his 'Terran' disguise.

So I have this friend who I converse with regularly online, and enjoy the articles he writes for 'the House of Paincakes'... the house being a blog roll-up that advertises peoples blogs who post regularly, and they themselves write a few articles a week on gaming and other subjects. The comment sections on some articles are better then the articles. Oh look at this bane... A butterfly!... and we're off!


My 'rats' have had a thrower named "SinSynn 'Two-Tails' the Breeze" and I modeled the rat with two tails... Because that's what you do! This season the 'theme' didn't really allow a player on my team to take the name. However my new rats have a couple o miniatures that fit the bill and once again I'm going to model a 'second' tail on one of the throwers.

But which model...

The first model shows a lot of attitude which is a good representation of SinSynn one a couple of levels... atittude, mechanical arm, giving you the pointy finger!.. yet the second model can also show how rooted he is in what he is doing whether it be his hobby or real life... the sneer, the dynamic, the confident in who he is and what he's doing...

and don't say both... there can be only one!

Decisions, decisions...

Thrower One...

Thrower Two...

Help me decide!



  1. The one pointing and flapping his gums. Reminds me of the hamster that lives in his brain ;)

  2. Yessss,,, the hampster... homage to the hampster!

    I like the first one as well because of the mechanical arm and how SinSynn describes himself on occasion. I don't want to go into that because it personal and let him bring out the subject when he wants or needs to. I'm sure you understand my intentions Zab.

    Thank you for commenting. You are always welcome in the corner...


  3. Yeah I gotta go with the one that's pointing and yelling.
    That seems like something I'd do.

    So we're still debating models and names and they're not even in the gym yet?
    Fer the love of...someone find da shady rat with the special juice...

    1. They're in the gym... this is just another 'horde' for the game ... so to speak.

      I've grown quite fond of rat models... XD

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