Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Captain's Log... There be treasure!...

I was going to write ssomething but in the end...

Naaaaahhhhhh... Just enjoy the picture dump of my loot and the 'Ruin Nation'!

This was a Christmas present from my wife... last year (January 16th to be delivered in the May time frame). I ordered a 'Dark Elf' team, pitch, dice and star players from a crowd funding campaign and it arrived two days ago. More on these guys and gals at a later date.

The 'pitch' is made of plastic and laser cut into six jigsaw puzzle pieces. Nifty! I am wondering how well it will hold together after setting it up and taking it down over a season or two. Vinyl 'pitches' roll up and stand up over time with the only problem being them 'wanting' to stay rolled for a short period after unrolling them.

The blue set of dice match the symbol on the field and the red were the alternate set of dice for the campaign. I received the 'red set' as a gift (apology) for the delivery time being soooo long. Everybody in the campaign received something for having to wait (a customs problem with the 3-D printer) an extra amount of time.

The five figures here are the coach (the mouse), cheerleaders/assistants/fans for the 'Ruin Nation'.

'Splinter' looks pretty good at 15mm from Greebo. I had wanted to get them together for the 'Finks' or the 'Ratskins' but didn't get around to it. Now I am with the theme coming together for my 'third' Skaven team.

As you can see SinSynn 'Two-Tails' the Breeze is back with his second tail wrapped around the base, pointing, and 'skweekin' out orders... sounds similar to what goes on when Loc is gone from the HoP.

Centered is the 'star player' of the Skaven team I received from another crowd funded project. He looks so good that I am going to use him all the time with his knife and punching glove. Directly behind him is another 'star player' with two heads. I was tired of the 'typical' line-rats and decide to use him as well to at some visual diversity to the team.

Pictured left is one of the gutter runners leaping over some broken columns. this model is pretty cool as the 'hand' is pinned and the rest of the body is suspended in the air. Behind are some of the line-rats for the team and the right hand model with the 'gauntlet' is one of the blitzers. The blitzer is another cool model and star player. I actually bought two of these models; one for the team and the other for the star player model.

These are 'goblins' from the same project as the 'Skaven'. I ordered them to use in conjunction with the rats to play a team composed of Skaven and goblins called 'The Underworld'. It was called an expansion and I thought well worth getting. I also have bases to match regardless of which team I play (Skaven or Underworld)

A one-off goblin model I picked up... Why...

Two heads!

This guys just wants to be a Skaven with that 'tail' as a mutation. I have considered using him as a 'line-rat' on the Skaven team. Think the movie 'Tropic thunder'... Robert downy Jr's character... 'I'm the dude, playing a dude, disguised as a dude!'

And the last picture...

I ordered a custom set of dice from Chessex. Obviously a Skaven symbol, but more importantly (if I am correct) the symbol I chose is for the 'Spell of Ruin'... to go along with the 'ruin' theme!

Anyway... yes... I'll be in the corner gloating a bit!

Thanks for looking,



  1. Nice! I like the dice too - slick :)

    1. *Poof! Suddenly appears from a corner....*

      I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been distracted with a massive renovation to the 'secret corner' and it's behind. Painting, ripping up floors, glue, tile, trips to the dump... and still working a 50 hour week. You get the idea.

      I appreciate you stopping by as always and making a comment. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in side... the whole 'man-crush' thingy! XD

  2. Oooh- cool stuffs!

    I love those bases- the ones with the lil' pieces of Roman-styled columns on 'em. Those are da awesome. The way you pinned the rats so it looks like they're hopping over them looks very natural, like it was meant to be. That's wassup.

    There's a weird mental thing I have with dice. Some sets roll well for me and some sets I can't roll a 3+.
    I bought a set of 'smoke' chessex dice that was much more expensive than their regular dice, but I bought a cube of regular black chessex dice at the same time. I really loved the way those smoky dice looked- they were kinda see-through but not really.
    But OhMyGawd they would fail me at the worst times. The cheap black dice, however, rolled averages. I never roll hot, so averages is the best I can hope for.
    Man would I love to have a set of dice that looked cool and rolled well...After seein' yer dice I'm a lil' jelly and I think I'll go lookin'....

    1. Thanks as always for stopping bye. I know the 'thanks' lose a bit in writing but I appreciate the effort of stopping and making a comment! It's what old friends do!

      If you do the dice thing you'll have to do it by email. I emailed a fellow named Joe and he was really helpful. He actually sent me a list of the 'dice' from Chessex that you can customize, the insturctions on how to order, and a preview of the dice like I posted. You can pay by paypal or credit card and takes about two weeks. Nifty thing to get custom stuff.

      As for dice rolling... by new dice and keep on searching. Seems to be working for me!