Sunday, June 10, 2012

Captain's Log... Shameless...

While we all wait for the dawn of a new age of 40K known as '6th Edition', I have been busy doing another aspect of our hobby. Writing... or at least a form of it.

The Astronomican is a forum I have had the privilege of belonging to for several years. We refer to ourselves as the nice guys or the other guys. We're small, not the conglomerates of other forums with only about 50 active members at any given point.

Each summer and winter someone tries to get an 'Arena Tournament' going. It's a writing thing where you duel as a fictional character of some genre. At the end of a 'time period' a poll is added to each match and the members decide by voting as to 'who' won the match. Your character doesn't necessarily have to win the battle since it is more about the writing. I try and support it when and where I can. this summer is no different and over the last week I have had to 'post' nightly instead of painting terminators or prepping for a tournament next weekend. Such is life...

Anyway, I leave you with a link to the current matches that have taken place this week. I use care when it comes to this sort of thing since I don't want people to think I am shamelessly promoting the forum or myself but there is just too much to 'cut and paste' to be sensible. 

My character is... Captain Kellen. What else would it be?

I hope you enjoy this little corner with cheap seats...


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