Sunday, June 3, 2012

Captain's Log... Pictures?...

Pictures or it didn't happen. How many times have we heard that? Could this be a 'meme' of our hobby? The banner is a new addition to FTW Games and presented to Rob Baer on the 2nd Anniversary of the opening of his shop. I salute him and the good work the shop does!

I went to the 'Iron Man' yesterday and stayed late into the night. I had fun, so lets get on with some commentary and some pictures that turned out.

Our local community of players was well represented and two of our exceptional players were there for the battle of claw, choppa, and missile. Pictured below is Casey (left) and Blue (right) who brought Tyranids and Horde-o-Orks respectively. You can almost hear the groans when players get matched up against one of them, but they are two of the nicest guys you ever want to sit across the table and then turn you into mulch. :P

The tournament was not without other 'characters' of note, whom I have forgotten their names at the moment...

What?! No drool?!
Rob Baer, the owner of FTW Games and Spikey Bits, is/was a memeber of the Wrecking Crew. Several members of WC were at the shop for food, demo's, and the tournament. I snapped a picture while they were trying relax before the  tournament. It was good to meet them and get to hob-nob with the 'out of towners'!.

The fellow in the pictured earlier (on the right) was Kenny of 'Next Level Painting'. He had been  doing a lot of airbrushing all day long prior to the tournament and people were very interested. The pictures of his completed stuff didn't turn out, so forgive me, but his stuff was cool, very cool.

I'd be remiss not to mention and picture some of the food cooked by the 'locals'...

And what was left after the 'troops' rushed the spread...

Pork wrapped in bacon is the best!

The tournament itself started late due to 'moar' people wanting to compete then expected. Rob and the boyz scrambled to put four more tables together and one person dropped so their was an even number of players. All was good though once the event got underway...

Jake has it under control... almost!

My first opponent was a cool young man named Steven. He was running Black Templars and the mission was 'size ground' with five objectives. It was a long drawn out affair and came down to the last assault phase where I needed to kill a dreadnought contesting an objective and... failed. We ended in a draw.

... that dreadnought (you can see his feet) was the bane of my existence in the end but I did kill off those terminators! The objective he contested is hidden right at the base of the 'rock' terrain piece.




My second game started of on the wrong foot and went down from there. I won the first turn but my opponent named 'Church' seized the initiative and took full advantage of it in a dawn of war, kill point mission. I call his army the 'Black Horde of IG'... just a joke of course.

I took untold strength ten templates and only managed to silence two of the Leman Russ's with my scouts before they fell to a hail of 'flashlights of fury'! I'm sure there isn't enough burn cream at the moment to heal those wounds! I was massacred on so many levels it isn't even funny.

 In my last game I played another marine player by the name of Charlie. He's been around for awhile in the Richmond area but has been out of town for awhile and borrowed an army to compete in the tournament.

The highlight of the game of 'drawhammer' was where is sternguard arrived via drop-pod, killed the long fangs pictured, and then were killled in retribution by my forces. In the end it was another draw but a great game where we competed to complete the other mission requirments since neither of us could get a bead on the others HQ carrying the 'lone objective' for your force. It's called 'Capture and Control' with a twist... cute.

A local guy named Josh (Kinder) has already converted the new 'Stormtalon' into a helcopter gunship. He extended the tail and used a 'toy' propeller blade to get the effect he was striving for. The other pictures are of his Tau who were next to me on the other table. I called all the 'suits' in the building 'Kastle Kinder'. It was fitting.

I couldn't let you go without showing you a picture of a 'tower' airbrushed by one of the locals for Rob to use in the shop everyday and in upcoming events.

 If you have read this far I want to thank you for reading and leave you with a picture of one of the newest Games Workshop additions... an Ork Fighta! I have been able to see all the new flyers and have to admit that the model, the bits, and possibilities for ork players is looking good.

Thanks agian, I'll be in other corners resting... since I'm old and tend to get cranky... :P


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