Sunday, April 1, 2012

Captain's Log... Last but not least...

Welcome to another installment of "Grey Paint on Grey Plastic". After the break we have a huge picture of grey followed by some smaller pictures of grey. Did I mention the color grey?

The last squad for Adepticon is completed and flocked, I'm working on vehicles, doing my own decals, and have the two 'priests' in the works. I'm thinking I'm in 'ok' shape as far as painting goes.

The guys above are married up with the sole terminator in my list. They hold close objectives and are support by the Long Fangs. An interesting note is that in several games these guys are almost ignored since the only option is the Wolf guard in Termie Armour. He pummels out a couple of missiles while they hide in cover if it's available.

The first 'priest' is the kit-bash I've shown a couple of weeks ago. I tried to use the same color green (emerald isle) underneath the dry brushed lettering on his pad instead of black but I'm not sure if you can tell the difference between the black and green when it comes down to it.

As you can see the second 'priest' has some more color on him but that is only the candles/sword. I have not known what to do with either 'priest' and now it's crunch time!

I want to that Andy Snowden (Chronicler Isiah) over at 'The Dark Fortress' for turning the pre-heresey DA symbols black at my request via email. I had been trying to do it myself but they kept coming out blurry for some reason converting the red to black.

I've used the testors paper and bonder as my first atempt to create decals using an inkjet printer. follow the directions and cut... cut the decals very close to what you need. I printed the decals last night and waited until the next morning to apply the boding spray. 

Two downsides to my first attempt...

1. Cut the decals close or end up like I did. You can tell from the picture where the decal edges are.
2. I hate the 'size' of the testor's paper. It's frikkin' half a page... Nuf said...

As a side note I will be arriving Thursday afternoon at Adepticon then picking my friend Tallarn up form the airport later Thursday night. I hope to see you all there... I will be the guy with grey plastic... if you haven't guessed!

I'll be in other corners...


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