Monday, April 30, 2012

Captain's Log... Choices...

Adepticon has filled my evenings in front of the picter thingy for so long I now have no clear purpose.

Leading up to the 'con' I had a clear plan of build, test, paint, and generally prepare in no particular order other then to have my 'guys' painted. I wasn't going to win any awards but it would be painted better then some!

I have to write that Adepticon was great. Meeting Pat for the first time was fantastic and he is just the same in person as he is on the internet. Carl from the 19th Legion was very friendly and a fellow named Chris was a great host when it came to Chicago style food. It will not soon be forgotten!

Now that the clear goal is over I am having a tough time choosing what to do...

 nine of these...

or... finish painting these...

I have nine dreds (for various reasons) in stages of completness and I have 'DeathHammer' (a stolen name)(40 or so models) that would round out my set of terminators to 107. Yes, I have them built and can prove it.

If only 'Ard Boyz still existed... it was usually in August and would have given me another goal to aim for.

Terminators or Dreds? That is the question for the corner



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  1. Yes, I am both an asshole online and in person, sportsmanship FTW!!

    Why not do neither? I mean you have been painting Dark Angels for like years. Have some fun and do something different. I seem to remember you having in your possession more than one set of Hordes Werewolf thingers... chop chop!

    Ill be in the sandlot painting some Khador minis!