Sunday, April 8, 2012

Captain's Log... In the home stretch...


Many moons ago I drove these while serving in the army (A 1's, 2's, and 3's). I've painted some too... it sucks. 

Now in the present I'm down to the transports and two HQ's used in my list for Adepticon thus the picture and the small blurb above. The bulk of the guys are finished... thank god! I love marines, 40K, and on occasion insane amounts of models on the table but the home stretch is where we make our money when it comes to any project. I feel old some evenings and cranky...

To myself and my friend Tallarn I say... We're in the home stretch! Go to the whip baby! Go to the whip!

The motor pool

 Eight rhino's and one speeder before Adepticon and as you can see there is paint on most of them already. They're not done yet though and I'm in a bit of a love/hate situation this week. I'm out of town for work and have all the tools and plenty of time to get them done but I'm away from home... we can all understand the tug of war going on here.

Kaz the Minotaur and Maximus approve of the Troops!

I want to say something to anyone who reads my blog. I started 'the guys' back in December and finished them this week with time off, work related stuff, and some laziness however if the only thing I can get across to you is this then I will be happy. One squad a week was the goal.

If I can do it, you can do it.

There are better painters, better converters, better generals but it is the passion for our hobby that drives me to keep going even in situations where it looks like I can get nothing done. We can always do something hobby related no matter how small as long as we remain true to the hobby as we see it. Sometimes it takes a kick in the ass but many times it's nothing more then saying to ourselves... do something!

I'll be in the corner now with the faithful but lovable attack dog named Mason. He's getting old but don't let that fool you... he sleeps in wait for cats and the unwary...


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