Monday, January 23, 2012

Captain's Log... Squad Numba 2, Plus an extra guy...

Count-as Grey Hunters of the First Legion plus Wolf guard

Just a quick couple of shots to show my progress. I was busy watching football and didn't finish flocking the bases last night nor take pictures. I'm late... so sue me!

Enjoy the candids in another corner after the break,


I'm not sure about the storm shield but I like it for now. I can always add some more detail later.

I'll be in other corners painting on squad three with a speeder as a back up project.



  1. the price of beakies is through the roof after you cornered the market!

    next year you and I will do the team tournie together, perhaps at NOVA so you don't have to drive so far. I can't wait to see your doods in action

  2. Those two-handed power weapons are still the coolest thing since sliced bread.