Saturday, January 7, 2012

Captain's Log... Missed December...

Mobile Hobby Crib! A nod to the Colonel!

Welcome to 2012!

Pictured above is my hobby station at my in-laws over the holidays. My mother in-law loves me and always keeps a spot open just for me and my toys. Notice the 'tumbler' in the background!

It's seems the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I was ill and it took some time to get well. As an older guy I have not been sick often in my life and this was one of those occasions where I was worried. Medical technology though is my friend and after several weeks of tests, running a camera into my body, and now the right medication I am feeling much better. I was lousy in December and the time off from work did me wonders!

Hobby-wise I have done some but at my own pace which is sloooow. I won't bore you with dribble but will give you a few pictures and some simple comments.

I wasn't happy with the two previous versions of a count-as Rune Priest. This is the version which I will paint prior to Adepticon this year... Yes, even though I'm a noob when it comes to the tournement scene my, I won't miss meeting my friend Pat (Tallarn) from Spokane who is attending as well!

I needed to add a few marines to some miss matched squads and one thing I wanted was a distinctive sergeant. Now all I need is a good name for him. The 'gangsta' pose is a copy of another fellow I have that holds two storm bolters.

I have never been a fan of the scouts out of the box by Games Workshop. I don't like the heads, I'm not fond of the scopes or the close combat weapons. I used assualt weapon bits and regular shoulder pads and then drilled out the faces of Dark Angel hooded heads to create some scouts I really like.

I should mention that there are some people in the local area that are really turned off by the large shoulder pads on the scouts. I like 'em and you can't please everyone!

Ahhh... that seems to be all for now.

Thanks for following. I will seek you out in your own corners!



  1. I like the larger shoulder pads on the scouts, some people have no imagination!

  2. Good to hear that you're doing much better and health to you in this year. Also, cheers to your mother-in-law for setting up a small place at her house for you to continue painting. It might also be a place where her grandson can continue the hobby when he's older, eh?