Sunday, January 15, 2012

Captain's Log... The Road Ahead...

I'm not the best when it comes to painting. Heck, the Golden Daemon Award is like telling me I have a shot at a Superbowl ring! However, I can at least put paint on my toy soldiers and base them thus the personal challenge I'm having till Adepticon.

I have a list that will change very little and the units/models are built and mostly painted while some only have a codex grey coating. The First Legion deserves and will get better then this!

I'm shooting for one unit a week till completed and a couple of speeders which should be doable... we'll see if I can paint and keep track of this!

Below is a fellow I call Sergeant Angmar in a 'gangsta /  gunslinger pose. I already know I need to work on the 'blood shooting from my models eyes!' I'm working on it and hopefully I can get the technique down.

His base is done by texturing the base with sand, paint it scorched brown, dry brush vermin brown, a light dry brush of vomit brown, and then at static grass with pva glue. I tried 'scorched grass' but it really doesn't show up well and the static grass looks greatly better.

The next group of guys are next weeks bunch which should go rather quickly. Not pictured is a speeders I have ready to go this unit goes rather quickly.

At the very least I'll post up something next week and bore you some more with the color grey!

I'll be in other corners leaving you with the word 'fortitude'... becasue that's what it takes...


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