Sunday, January 29, 2012

Captain's Log... 3 of 9 done...

Another week done and another unit completed. I'm going to change up and do a small five model scout unit this upcoming week with a wolf guard attachment.

I have a small fiction piece I worked on as well but will post that later after my critics rip me a new one!

Enjoy the pictures after the break...

The lead marine with the two handed weapon only needed some touch ups but I upgraded the flock on his base to match the others.

The marine on the far right has two powerfists and the combi-melta is magna locked to his side. I'm gonna post some more pictures of him later.

The scouts at the back of the picture are in the que for this week. I like the hoods, as do most people, but many don't like the large shoulder pads. The arms, pads, and weapons are actually tactical bits. It really pisses some guys off since they think I'm [insert expletive] the model and the fluff for a number of reason.

My reply... too bad.

I'll be in other corners... thanks for stopping!


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