Saturday, July 7, 2012

Captain's Log... Step Up...

I suppose I could start off with my opinion of 6th edition after one week of the game being 'live' to the general public but there are so many opinions out there now, mine is just a little fish in a big pond. I'll give it to you at the end where it will mean even less.

Here's what I am working on...

First off I completed the tray insert....

Next, I've had to do some work on my list due to some rule changes and additional units added to the game.

I'm working on freehanding some simple symbols on  a detachment. I love playing my dudesmen as wolves, specifically Grey Hunters. I always tell people that 'Hunters' play like I envision actual tactical marines. With the advent of 6th, playing a pure list means you have to step up your game and make no mistakes if you don't have certain elements within your army. A detachment solves some of those problems since I'm not some super-dooper elite machine player of death able to weld a codex like it was an extension of a sword and his mind. That corner doesn't exist.

Oh look a butterfly.... 

Typical tactal guys are a solid choice but lets face facts: without some sort of CC element in their units, as a  player we are taking the models off the table after little use in that phase of the game. Good shooty all around but, to me, they suck in close combat. I feel I need a flyer and the easiest way is to take some battle brothers (so I don't whack myself in the kneecaps) from another chapter. Specifically I need to take an HQ, one troop, and the flyer. I got the stormtalon yesterday.

Here is the practice work for the symbol of the 'Sons of Vengeance'. A small chapter that specifically allies with other chapters within the Imperium. The overall color is stilll going to be the codex grey and drybrush but the shoulder pads and such are going to be black with the simple symbol free handed on one shoulder pad. Still beakies... goes without saying.

First guy test guy, first free hand attempt at the symbol. For those of you interested in what I'm taking as the detachment I'm taking a captain armed with a relic blade, storm shield, articifer armour, and a auxillary grenade launcher. For the troop choice I'm taking five scouts with sniper rifles. And of course I mentioned the air support of a stormtalon.

I had to drop some vehicles, three missiles, and a speeder along with juggling the points around to fit stuff in my 'First Legion' list. My opinion of the list is... Meh. People are going to just target the talon with thier air support and when thats gone I'll be reduced to BS-1 (hitting on sixes). 

I also dropped the space wolf scouts. Why? The new rules state that when arriving from reserves you cannot assault. Since their 'Behind Enemy Lines' rule is a form of arriving from reserves you cannot assault.


Well, yah. That doesn't sound so terrible.... but flankers in other armies or the wolf scouts were kept as small deadly units that would get wiped out after they performed their mission but taking the CC element away from them when they arrive on the board cut them in half. Bumping them up to ten guys isn't going to solve the problem of regaining the effectiveness of assaulting upon arrival.   Five more guys, for five more wounds, at 75 points or so isn't a good trade off... you miss with the guns their dead because you have to stand around for a turn and 'hope' you can survive the shooting.

6th edition is really starting down a path of 'volume of fire' that is going to dictate what units are used or left on the shelf.  I could be wrong but I think time will bare this out. We'll see this together and I'll eat crow if I'm wrong.

I will give you one critical opinion which I try to stay away from but need to get it off my chest. I think that 6th Edition is divisive. In a week I have read some articles and met locals, normally cool level heads, and they are all bickering about it one one side of an issue or another. Is it healthy, I'm not so sure. I hope so.

I think though, we need to step up do different corners...


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