Sunday, July 29, 2012

Captain's Log... Lost...

Oh how I am bogged down... and lost in a corner.

6th Edition has rolled out the 'What do I do now carpet?' and I have to get back into throwing a monkey wrench into things.

I'm not sold on allies in  6th edition but realize that if done correctly I can basically be playing the same list as I was in 5th with my 'First Legion' (Space Wolves). I'm going to paint them in my 'colors' and let other people gripe about the whole 'parent/detachment' units thing. As long as someone can identify what they are and they are modeled WYSIWYG the 'coloring' of them should be a moot point. You never know with 'those guys' though...

I'm gonna run a space marine captain tooled up in some way. My initial thoughts are storm shield, thunder hammer, artificer armour, and an auxiliary grenade launcher. It comes out to about 175 points give or take. He's gonna go running behind one of my advancing grey hunter units of eight guys in a rhino and 'pop' out at the appropriate time. I'd like another one to go with a second advance unit but the points don't work out.

I also juggled points around and have had to compensate for the fact that the local shop is going towards 1999 + 1 points in their games. Nova, Feast of Blades are just two events that people at the local store compete in and thus the change.

I have added two lone wolves to my list and need to kit-bash them together this week. My thoughts are that I will run them near my advancing grey hunters and pop out against my opponent and force him really to shoose between the lone wolf or the goodies in the grey hunter untis. I'm giving them a storm shield, thunder hammer, and mark of the wolfen. Basically, I figure I'll have the option of going at initiative with mark of the wolfen or go at the I-1 phase and whack with the hammer. We'll see how that goes...

I will then take one unit of space marine snipers with sniper rifles. I'd like Telion but the points don't work out. I am really exchanging them for the space wolf scouts whom lost the ability to assault when they arrive. I think I have mentioned here or somewhere else that even adding more 'guys' to the unit and another special weapon isn't going to stop them from getting blown to bits and doesn't make up for the loss of the assault in my opinion. The one two punch of shooting and assault was really a good deal and now... it's just dust in the wind.

I'm gonna try a stormtalon for my 'lack of skyfire'. Defense lines will be first since it is really easy to get that up and going quickly. My opinion is that the 'flakk' missile thing is not cool and swung the pendulum hard in the opposite direction... then I remember that GW is a miniature company who happens to have rules for their models and not a game company that has miniatures for their game. It is what it is and I have had my 24 hours to bitch. whine, and moan, and now it's time to get busy.

I am currently looking for a count-as Logan which will take awhile but have gotten a good 'eagle' model to use as a thunder wolf cavalry model. I'm gonna have one guy stand on his back with a halberd ready to swing. Ravenwing Cavalry will come back from the 31st Millennium!

Gamezone Miniatures: Elves - Great Eagle III (1)
Big, expensive, perfect!

The model might be too big but yah gotta give a little to get a little and a lot of eagles were just dopey looking or the scale was wrong.

Besides the 'list' thing, working the second shift on a project... I got stung by bee's.

I was mowing the lawn and got stung through my clothes several times. I didn't have an allergic reaction in the sense my throat swelled up or something along those lines but my body ended up attacking the stings and  I had several boil, puss filled, places appear along the sting sites. I had to see the doctor several times and it was 'disgusting'. Modern medication and following the directions the doctor gave me has prevailed in the end!

I am on vacation this week building stuff so I will post up candid shots and bore you with 'that guys vactions pictures'... just to annoy the hell out of 'hard core bloggers'!

Anyway, I will be in a sandy corner drinking hard apple cider, swimming, and getting sand in my toes with my kid...


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