Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Captain's Log... Going Rogue...

The Doctor is in!

Yes, you read it right.

After years of playing 40K and playing marines (the heroes in my eyes) with a side trip (two or three games) down other paths, I'm going to play a second race in another game. Follow me down this rogue path...

I have the 'Scotlings' from Impact miniatures in a good position miniature wise but found some orcs from Greebo miniatures that I find cool.

The 'orcs' are for Greebo's 15mm scale version of Elfball or Blood Bowl. They're small, super small, and are almost goblin like. I'm going to play them as orcs in Blood Bowl. themed of course.

The doctor is in when it comes to taking miniatures for one game, parts, and combining them to use in another game. I have a new  field in the works using some dollhouse flooring paper. Some 'sheds' to use as the dugouts, and plenty of barrels and boxes for the factory/warehouse/thingy theme.

The COGGS are really  the CornerStone Orc Gremlin Gridiron Squad but the acronym fits the industrial/clockwork theme I'm working on. I even have a couple of 'bender' like robots to use as 'trolls'. I believe I can model one with a cigar and the other  with a 'duff' beer bottle to get the 'bender' feel.

As I leave you I give you a shot of some two part crates from Itar's Workshop that I will be using as 'bases' for my Gremlins (Greebo Orcs). I have cut the top of the crate so that the orcs will fit in them like a base and I will be able to use them with the crates or remove them and the will still be based.

Thanks for looking in the corner...


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